Investment Sales

Centurion Investment Realty & Management is acutely focused on serving the needs of institutional and private client multifamily investors in Southern California.  Leveraging our extensive training, experience, and cooperation with the brokerage community Centurion Investment Realty & Management continues to achieve the highest level of success for our clientele. Contact us today to learn how Centurion can add value to your overall multifamily investment strategy.


 Whether you are thinking about selling your property in the near future or if you are simply interested in finding out your property's value in today’s market, contact us to schedule your free consultation. Through industry leading research tools and extensive market experience, Centurion will provide you with the information needed to make a sound business decision. 


 For most, purchasing real estate occurs sporadically. With such limited hands-on experience, buyers need the expertise and guidance of dedicated real estate professionals, who know the governing laws, and who can provide the necessary support. Our market knowledge and real estate network enables us to add value to your transaction.


 Are you looking to sell your property? Our expert understanding of today’s market will ensure that you get the most from your property.  We use a well-rounded marketing approach designed to expose your property to the maximum number of active and well qualified buyers. 

1031 Exchange

 Defer your capital gains tax through expert execution of a 1031 exchange. Our expert team brings the unique skill set and field-tested experience to help you navigate through the complexities of valid 1031 Exchange.  Learn more about 1031 Exchanges by contacting us today. 

Closed Portfolio: partial List

Running a holiday sale or weekly special?

 Long Beach | 6 Units 

 Sales Price - $1,855,000


 Los Alamitos | 150 Units 

Sales Price - $33,500,000


Costa Mesa | 65 Units

Sales Price - $20,050,000


Redondo Beach | 16 Units 

Sales Price - $6,650,000

Sales Price - $2,350,000

 Inglewood | 18 Units 

Sales Price - $2,350,000


North Hollywood | 7 Units 

Sales Price - $870,000


North Hollywood | 7 Units

Sales Price - $805,000


North Hollywood | 12 Units 

Sales Price - $1,607,000


North Hollywood | 24 Units 

Sales Price - $2,430,000


Long Beach | 5 Units 

Sales Price - $630,000


North Hollywood | 12 Units 

Sales Price - $1,500,000


North Hollywood | 6 Units 

Sales Price - $715,000


North Hollywood | 7 Units

 Sales Price - $735,000


Van Nuys | 12 Units 

 Sales Price - $1,559,500


North Hollywood | 5 Units 

Sales Price - $642,000


Van Nuys | 12 Units 

Sales Price - $1,285,000


Lomita | 15 Units 

Sales Price - $2,000,000


Van Nuys | 9 Units 

Sales Price - $1,030,000


North Hollywood | 8 Units

 Sales Price - $1,175,000


North Hollywood | 8 Units 

Sales Price - $775,000


Van Nuys | 7 Units 

 Sales Price - $820,000

"Christopher Arvizu represented MB Equity, LLC in the deposition of a multifamily asset in the North Hollywood area of Los Angeles. Through his detailed marketing strategy he was able to procure a buyer in a timely manner so that we could take advantage of a 1031 Exchange in our target market." - MB Equity, LLC